Thin Film Coater TFC200-400

The smart way to start your upscaling research

  • Film Applicator System Doctor Blade
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  • Print functional films with nanometer precision
  • Small size (only 200x300x125mm³), large deposition area (150x150mm² for doctor blading and approximately 80x150mm² for slot-die coating)
  • Ideal for saving precious lab space with minimized heat dissipation, especially important in glovebox environments
  • Free positioning of control units for motion and temperature
  • Features:
    • 1-100 mm/s
    • Up to 120°C hotplate temperature
    • Adjustable applicators

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Size and Hotplate Options

Art. No.Description
TFC200Film appicator small 200×300 mm²
TFC300Film applicator middle 300×400 mm²
TFC400Film applicator large 400×500 mm²
TFCXXXHWith hot plate
TFCXXXVHWith vacuum hot plate and vacuum pump

Adjustable Doctor Blades


Universal Applicator for doctor blading with adjustable height from 0-11 mm to suit a large range of substrates.

Art. No.Description
DB200Small – length 200mm
DB300Large – length 300mm

Slot-Die Applicators and Coating Heads

Film Applicator Slot-Die Applicator Doctor Blade

Key Features

  • Transform a film applicator into a slot-die printer
  • Height adjustment over more than 6 mm
  • As bundle with slot-die head, syringe pump, pipe heaters and consumables starter kit or customized to hold your choice of slot-die heads
  • Optional computer-controlled system with film applicator and syringe pump for highest reproducability
Art. No.Description
CS100Control system for the whole slot die coating process with software and PC
SA80Slot die applicator for 80mm coating head
SC80Coating head 80mm
SH80Heating system for coating head 80mm incl. ink and pipe heater – 4 temperature controllers for individual heating
SA150Slot die applicator for 150mm coating head
SC150Coating head 150mm
SH150Heating system for coatig head 150mm incl. ink and pipe jeater – 4 temperature controllers for individual heating
SP10Syringe pump for up to 10ml syringes
SP20Syringe pump for up to 20ml syringes